One Hack of a Problem

This webinar was sent 30/3-2023 byt you can watch here when it suits you. The webinar is in English.

– Cyber Threats, Cyber Trends and Digital Sovereignty
This is a webinar in our series for those who commit themselves to a smart and attractive working life both now and in the future. IT Security is one of the big future trends and you will learn about proactive cyber security.

Our first Speaker, Geri Révay, Security Researcher at Fortinet, has more than 13 years of experience in cybersecurity. Since he comes from the offensive security side, he has a deep understanding of how hackers think and operate, which can be crucial to build defenses. At Fortinet his focus is on security research, malware analysis and threat intelligence. Geri will be talking about the wiper threat and lessons learnt from 2022.

Our second Speaker, André Catry, is an award-winning author, historical hacker and a Senior Advisor in IT/Information Security and Cyber Risk. André shares his experiences with IT security, various assignments for Swedish and other nations' authorities. He talks about companies' need for digital sovereignty and the widespread financial espionage.

In a panel discussion enforced by Andreas Larsen, IT Security Specialist at Xite, a part of Office Management, we address the problem on a larger scale.

In this webinar you will learn about:
•Cyber threats and cyber crime trends
•A hacker's perspective
•Digital Sovereignty
•How to take control over your data
•Tips and inspiration
•Panel discussion insights